Rocky Mountain Valley
Curated by a Master Perfumer
Rocky Mountain National Park...
From Nebraska, we high tailed it to the Rocky Mountains. The speed limit was 80 mph - we were cruising. Mountains came into view and after an hour or two we arrived Estes, Colorado. Cool town, with a hip vibe and bustling with activity. 

We drove to Adams falls and saw moose, elk, and deer on the way. The air was crisp and cool, cascading down the snow covered mountains. 

After that, we ate lunch in front of a huge green field filled with yellow wild flowers, blue spruce, and sparsely placed juniper. 

Our fragrance this month pays homage to Rocky Mountains National Park. 
Surrounded by Juniper Trees...
We found a teepee tent site, protected by gnarly juniper trees that were wind-blown and ancient. These trees looked majestic, and I'm sure they were filled with stories of people who've come and gone. 

The next day we went to alluvian fan and nearly collided with moose on the road. These huge stoic creates were confident, they had the right of way, always. We stopped the car and waited for them to slowly cross the road. They took their time, grazing on juniper brush and eye-balling our car. 

We eventually reached the fan, which was awesome. The cool water mixed with the warm air and juniper trees created a fragrance I'll never forget. 

A Breath of the Rocky Mountains
A memorable marriage of two amazing trees of Rocky Mountain National Park create a fragrance that'll likely motivate you to visit Colorado.

If you can't visit, breath in this amazing fragrance and think about the snow capped mountains, green fields filled with yellow wildflowers surrounded by blue spruce and juniper trees. 

You'll be in the next best place next to actually visiting Rocky Mountains National Park. 

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