Winter Pine
Curated by a Master Perfumer
Stroll Through a Winter Wonderland
Imagine walking through a forest so dense you can barely see the sky. Surrounded by massive pine trees that seem to stretch to the clouds. Fresh snow falls, covering the pines in a blanket of white. 

Welcome to Winter Pine, and the experience of the outdoors. Inspired by winter backpacking journeys to the high country of Yosemite, Winter Pine brings you down to earth and into the barrens.

A naturally distinct, yet sweet fragrance, Winter Pine captures the essence of wilderness yet to be tamed. What a perfect way to bring a little bit of Yosemite home to you. 
A Cozy Holiday Fire
December is one of the most festive times of year. Cold weather meets fun gatherings with family and friends. 

I remember visiting my aunt and uncles house on Christmas Eve, gathering with my whole family to play games, eat, and sit by the fire to open presents. They always had a fresh-cut Christmas tree, so tall it almost touched the ceiling, beautifully arranged with ornaments.

It's the time of year for eggnog, cookies, giving and receiving. Enjoy Winter Pine for the holidays, or to be transported to the pines of Yosemite. Either way, you're in for a treat!  
The Perfect Fragrance...
You'll be double checking the bottle to see if any pine needles made their way in. Winter Pine captures the essence of winter, forests, and the amazing outdoors. 

A subtly sweet fragrance, you'll be yearning to hit the trail and get a glimpse of real pines. 


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