Pecan Pie a la Mode
Curated by a Master Perfumer
Fresh Baked Pie...
As the season change from the warm long days of summer to the crisp shorter days of fall, nothing beats those holiday scents and inviting warm colors of autumn. 

A favorite around our house was fresh baked pecan pie. A delicious blend of nutty pecans with the sweetness of brown sugar. Always served warm from the oven with a hearty scoop of vanilla ice cream; nothing but pure bliss!

Our Pecan Pie a la Mode captures those familiar fragrances from a fresh baked pecan pie. The pecan pie, with its distinct pecan flavor and prominent brown sugar stand at the forefront. Finished off with sweat vanilla and a hint of cinnamon, we know you'll mouth will be watering! 

The Holiday Season Begins...
October marks the beginning of the holiday season.  As the leaves turn from vibrant green to yellow and red, we eagerly await the cool holiday months enjoyably started by Halloween.

As the days grow shorter, it's a perfect time to head to the local pumpkin patch with the family and spend hours looking for that perfect one.  At home enjoy a wonderful time in the evenings carving pumpkins and decorating.

October marks a great time to head out for a camping or hiking adventure.  The landscape is painted with gorgeous colors and the days crisp and cool.  In the evenings, spend a night bundled up around a warm camp fire.

Capturing the Season...
We curated Pecan Pie a la Mode to perfectly capture the fall season every time you walk in your house.  The earthy sweet tones that are synonymous with fall will leave your house inviting to all.

We have combined an array of custom fragrances to memorialize the experience.  Combining pecans with brown sugar for the established pie experience, and leaving you with a sweat vanilla and cinnamon finish.

Our Pecan Pie a la Mode with instantly transform your home into the unforgettable Fall experience.

Fragrance ID #6

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