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Sweet Apples & Bourbon
Davis' Pick
Fresh picked apples, so sweet they taste like candy, with a snifter of American bourbon that adds a bouquet of fragrances, from warm caramel to toasted vanilla, and finished with a small drop of maple syrup for a distinguished balance.
One of our signature fragrances and Davis’ favorite. It's strong and heavy, and best used in large rooms or with mild or strong air flow. Very crisp apple smell with subtle maple notes and hints of bourbon and vanilla.

Top: Apple
Middle: Maple and Bourbon
Base: Vanilla

Fragrance ID #3

Fragrance Strength
Thai Coconut & Zesty Lime
The Aruba Experience
Freshly cracked young Thai coconut water that's sweet and refreshing, combined with the tanginess of fresh picked limes. Turns any room into an uplifting and fresh experience.

One of our signature fragrances and best used in small to medium rooms with mild air flow.  It's light and fresh, with lime as the keynote and a strong coconut to follow.

Top: Lime
Middle: Coconut
Base: Hint of Vanilla

Fragrance ID #2

Fragrance Strength
Cucumber & Cool Melon
Time to unwind and relax...
Fresh and crisp green cucumber sliced thin, combined with honeydew and cantaloupe melon for a cool and relaxing fragrance.  This combines the amazingly fresh quality of cucumber and the fruity freshness of melon.

One of our signature fragrances, it's very light and best used in small rooms or rooms with low air flow. It is a subtler fragrance that adds a fresh experience without overpowering a room. 

Top: Cucumber
Middle: Melon
Base: Mild Musk

Fragrance ID #1

Fragrance Strength
Aged Whiskey and Cedarwood
The One of a Kind
A robust aged whiskey combined with fresh cedarwood right off the cutting block, and strong notes of vanilla.  Truly a one of a kind fragrance.  A strong smell of whiskey, immediately followed by cedarwood, with a pine middle, and concluded with vanilla, which adds the perfect balance to the whiskey. Although strong at first, you’ll quickly find yourself craving this one of a kind fragrance.

A signature fragrance, it's strong and best used in medium to large rooms with mild air flow.  It's amazingly effective in cutting through bad odors; great for the man cave, bathroom, or rooms with pets!

Top: Whiskey
Middles: Cedarwood, Pine, Oak
Base: Vanilla

P.S. you won't get drunk from experiencing this all day!

Fragrance ID #4

Fragrance Strength
Santa Barbara Coast

Fragrance ID #5
Peach & Orange Habanero

Fragrance ID #6
All Original Fragrances
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