Honeysuckle Forest
Curated by a Master Perfumer
Honeysuckle Heaven...
Imagine walking into a dense, vibrant forest with honeysuckle covering the ground, creeping its way up the trunks of trees, and spreading itself out to cover everything in it’s path.

There's a fast moving waterfall the honeysuckle hasn't been able to cross, but the air is strong with sweet nectar and the scent of fresh, cool spring water. 

A miasma of colors; greens, whites, and yellows - the honeysuckle invites you to stop, take a deep breath, and appreciate the beauty around you. 

Perhaps you'll even enjoy a quick dip in the river, there's a small swimming hole surrounded by honeysuckle inviting you in...
Inhale the Fragrance...
Honeysuckle is bunched along the trail, taking over the forest floor and other inhabitants. 

A floral, but not overly sweet fragrance fills the air. A balanced mix of sweetness and earthiness invigorates your soul. 

The beautiful, star shaped flowers beckoning you to lean in close and inhale their fragrance. 

Their vines carefully intermingled within themselves, you can't be sure where one starts and the other ends.

Welcome to the Floral Forest...
A thoughtfully balanced blend of two sweet and floral fragrances invite you in. 

Imagine laying in the middle of a field, on a bed of green grass, surrounded by a babbling brook, honeysuckle surrounds you on one side, as jasmine surrounds you on the other. 

You'll take a deep breath and wish you could stay there forever. 

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