Grapefruit Sunrise
Curated by a Master Perfumer
Tangy and Sweet...
In California, grapefruits grow as large as softballs. They dangle from their branches, slowly swaying with the warm breeze, emitting a clean and refreshing citrus fragrance.

With the right nurturing, grapefruits develop into tangy but sweet fruit. Unlike oranges, the grapefruit skin (not the peel) can be removed, which eliminates the bitterness.

Inside is a delicious morsel of fruit bursting with flavor. A mix between the sweetness of an orange, and a dash of bitterness from a lemon.

Grapefruit Sunrise offers an inspired fragrance that is refreshing, natural, and amazingly enticing.
A Beautiful Sunrise
I woke up early one morning to catch the sunrise. I was sitting on our  balcony at our hotel in Florida, watching the ocean waves slowly break on the sand.

I ordered room service, a fresh grown grapefruit, local to a farm down the road. It was halved, and ruby red. I remember watching the sun rise slowly over the blue ocean, casting rays of red and orange.

It was an amazing morning, made better by a tangy, yet sweet grapefruit.

Enjoy Grapefruit Sunrise, even if you’re not near a beach, or orchard, you can breathe in the experience I had in Florida.

No Pulp...
You’ll think we squeezed a fresh grown grapefruit into a bottle, sweetened with a dash of cane sugar. But we assure you, no pulp or seeds included – just pure Grapefruit Sunrise.

Beyond the sweet notes of Grapefruit will lie memorable hint of a far away tropic paradise.

A tangy yet sweet fragrance that’s as unique as it is memorable.

Made with ♥ in San Luis Obispo, CA
(Voted #1 Happiest City in America!)
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