Our Story
Recreating Fond Memories
Recreating our favorite memories
Avid outdoorsman, Lou and Davis founded Eternal Air to capture experiences from their travels – from the beaches of the Channel Islands to cooking apple pie at Grandma’s house.

We learned that our sense of smell is the most powerful way to trigger memories, and that our noses can distinguish up to 1 trillion different scents!

We couldn’t think of a better way to recreate our hikes in the deep pine wilderness of Yosemite, or the lush lavender fields of Santa Barbara (short of visiting again!)

We’ve mastered the art of recreating experiences, from the outdoors to soft cotton. All our fragrance curations are signature fragrances to bring us back to those experiences - from “Pine Forest” to “Sweet Apples & Bourbon”. 

But, not only did we want to experience our memories again, we wanted a different experience each month. Something that we looked forward to (besides our family!) when coming home from the office, or gym.
It was important for us to develop fragrances that were free of harmful chemicals and toxins. Our healthy lifestyles (Lou is a pollo-vegetarian and Davis is an Ultra Marathoner) inspired a product that could be used in our houses or at the office, and be safe for our friends and family.

We believe that eating healthy, exercising, practicing mindfulness, and living a life of positive impact is essential to leading a good life. This is why our master curator uses non-toxic and safe ingredients. Our products adhere to strict RIFM and IFRA standards and are always fee of Phthalates.

We wanted Eternal Air to transport you to a whole new world, safely and naturally.
Collectively, we have swam, hiked, run, or biked over 25k miles. That’s equivalent to running completely around the equator of earth! We love our beaches, parks, mountains, deserts, and all the plants and animals that thrive in our great country.

We developed Eternal Air in consideration of the environment, and made it a priority to have a low impact on our ecosystem and supply chain. It’s why we decided to use plastic instead of glass bottles. Plastic is lighter, which reduces the carbon footprint, and produces between a quarter and a third less greenhouse gases than glass.

Hey – every little bit helps, and when you collect and send back 12 empty bottles for recycling, you’ll receive a free refill! Help the planet, help yourself!
The BIG Picture
Our vision for Eternal Air is much more than our own… We want this to be a two way conversation – what are your experiences and how can we help you share them with the world?

Our master perfumer will be curating new fragrances based upon requests. Imagine being able to curate your own fragrance profiles, from the comfort of your own home or office, with an easy-to-use fragrance curation kit.

In addition to your own fragrances, we’ll be curating more in the future, combined with a personalized matching system that auto-selects fragrances based on your feedback.

Beyond that, we’re excited to improve the delivery of fragrances, by developing customized warmers with some pretty neat features. 

Made with ♥ in San Luis Obispo, CA
(Voted #1 Happiest City in America!)
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